Discover majestic Mongolia with SKYtel Traveller SIM card

2016-06-17 Мэдээ мэдээлэл Онцлох Үйлчилгээ

Discover majestic Mongolia with SKYtel Traveller SIM card

            Thank you for visiting our adventure lovers’ dream country Mongolia where the ancient meets modern. Whether you're travelling abroad, just visiting on business for a while, keeping in touch with the folks back home is vital to everyone.

            Mongolian nationwide Data operator SKYtel company offers you brand-new prepaid plan SIM cards designed perfectly only for your communication usage. Traveller SIM card package includes cheap data access (1MB=6 MNT), local calls, texts, free call receiving services.

            If you buy SKYtel Traveller SIM you will never worry for your mobile bill. You can choose from three packages as below:

Inclusive services 30,000 MNT package 60,000 MNT package 100,000 MNT package
Inclusive data 1GB 1GB 3GB
Local call 500 minutes 500 minutes 1,000 minutes
Local SMS 500 SMS 500 SMS 1,000 SMS
Units 5,000 MNT 10,000 MNT 10,000 MNT
Days 7 days 30 days 30 days


You can buy Traveller SIM cards at SKYtel online shop, service centre and branches, at hotels where you stay as well as at some tourist information centres. If your balance is expired, you can top up and track your SIM via SKYtel app available for iOS and android.

            The international phone call tariffs are reasonable depending on destination of your dialing country. You can make premium-quality calls with no delays to 240 countries using World Call 002 gateway.

In addition, we have established the fastest and widest 3G network throughout Mongolian 21 provinces, 330 soums and settled areas. So that you can be connected with your family and friends anywhere, anytime.